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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Enjoy the Now

Some of my favorite memories are spent with my little sister playing dressup. We would raid mom’s room to find her old dresses that we could use. Putting on jewelry and heels, we would pretend anything our imaginations would let … Continue reading

Make a Wish

Zoom! A shooting star zips across the sky. Make a wish! Whoosh! We blow out the candles on our birthday cake. Make a wish! Splash! Our penny sinks to the bottom of the fountain. Make a wish! Every time I … Continue reading

A New Lens

Last week, I attended National Convention for the fourth year running. Since my very first visit, I have always been energized by the experience, met plenty of truly amazing people, and left feeling excited about the year ahead. The same … Continue reading


“He’s got a lot of try.” Coming from a cattle family, I’ve heard this said frequently by friends, family and others from a very young age. It is a simple phrase that I’ve heard applied to most anything in a … Continue reading

Road Trips

With six out of the seven Greenhand Conferences wrapped up for the year, I take time to look back on my experiences during the 1,284 miles traveled in the past month. Getting to be a part of the East Central, … Continue reading

Building Hothouses

Last week, I attended an interesting class at K-State. The discussion during the class focused on one specific topic: hothouses. Now, what exactly is a hothouse? It’s simple: “hothouse” is a synonym of the word “greenhouse.” These structures, built using … Continue reading