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Monthly Archives: December 2016

What’s Happening?

Every time I open up the Twitter app on my phone, Twitter always has one simple question: What’s Happening?  After scrolling through my tweets and taking a look at what has been happening in my life, I can organize all … Continue reading


Recently, my two best friends and I decided to be proactive about avoiding the “freshman fifteen” by starting a fitness group. Every day, we tell each other how much we exercised and what healthy eating options we made. Now, anyone … Continue reading

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

My family always jokes with me about my cold hands. My dad and brother say it is because of the lack of blood flow to my extremities. Other family members have their theories as well. Personally, I think it may … Continue reading


Around this time of year, you can find your friendly neighborhood officers doing a few things. Among them are frantically studying for finals, signing Christmas cards for Kansas FFA, and celebrating the holidays together. The first isn’t very fun, but … Continue reading

It’s the Small Things

Welcome to the most stressful time of the year. Christmas is approaching, and for many of us that means Christmas break as well. However, we all know that before we can make it to Christmas break we must get through … Continue reading