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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Life’s Most Precious Commodity

In a day there are 24 hours which is equivalent 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. Approximately six of those seconds passed just to read the last sentence. Time does not stop for anyone or anything, it is one of the … Continue reading


Surprises. We’ve all had those moments in life that just sneak up on us. Ones we aren’t expecting or perhaps ones that we are expecting, but they still jump out at us no matter how much we prepare. We can … Continue reading

Living in a Haze

I remember when I was younger there were so many days that were special. Of course, there were “big” holidays like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and of course, birthdays. But as a child, I recall finding the most insignificant days to … Continue reading

Dear my Blue Corduroy Jacket

Dear my Blue Corduroy Jacket, If I had never walked into Mrs. Van Allen’s classroom I would have never put you on. If I hadn’t realized your significance I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity.  If my advisor had never made … Continue reading

In with the New

“Oh I already moved all your stuff out because I was planning on having a sleepover soon,” said my sister as she lead me through our house. It had only been a week since my last visit home from college, … Continue reading

Making Your Bouquet

For those who know me, I am more of a tomboy. I like to roughhouse and do not mind getting a little muddy. But despite this, deep down I have an appreciation for flowers. The reason being is flowers are … Continue reading