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While attending Kansas State University I had the privilege of taking a class from Dr. Michael Wesch this fall. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work. While taking his class I was constantly challenged, and his class allowed me to see far more than my mind has seen before. Just a few weeks ago, he came and lectured about a few of his core beliefs. Even though I had heard them all before, they hit me even harder during this lecture. Here are a few of the things he shared that I think we all could benefit from.

1.       Stop trying to find your passion.

  • You don’t have one. Instead, just BE PASSIONATE about everything you do.

2.       Do not try to have all of the answers.

  •    It is the questions that matter. EMERGE IN WONDER.

3.       You are always more than your score.

  •       Do not let grades and categories define who you are.

4.       There is no such thing as a “math” person, so stop pretending you’re not one.

  •   Have a growth mindset, meaning you are in control and you can build your skills.

5.       Your greatest strength will most likely come from your greatest weakness.

  • Dr. Wesch terms this as your “strengthness”.

6.       Failure is fun and fascinating.

7.       Always be trying something new.

8.       You are a hero.

  • Hero is defined as a deeply flawed human being with fatal weaknesses that is a gift to the world – often because of a weakness itself.

9.       Move past the judgement of others.

10.   “You can’t love anybody before you love everybody.”

There is a lot of wisdom in the ten points stated above, but just reading these points won’t do anything. Instead, take time to reflect on each statement and think how it applies to your life. For me, these ten points have challenged me to live more passionately, try new things, ask questions, learn more about my strengths and weaknesses, and finally love in a way that shows grace and compassion to everyone. Each day we have the opportunity to fully engage, be present, and improve. Don’t let another day slip by without living with intention, joy, and engagement.

Forever Blue,

Katelyn Bohnenblust

2016-2017 Kansas FFA Treasurer

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