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Building Community

I’m finally a Wildcat! I sway back and forth with all of the students to the Wabash Cannonball. We sing the fight song loudly and proudly. In my short time at Kansas State, I have begun to experience all over again, what it feels like to be part of a community. The definition of community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. I experienced community growing up in a small town, but now I see it on a much larger scale.

When I stand up and yell at K-State football games, I am proud to be doing so with other students by my side. Our “community” that we have is all moving in the same direction, working towards the same goal. Bill Snyder did not create this community overnight– no, it took many years and an unfathomable amount of hard work. It is a community of support that surrounds Kansas State University. Being a person with a mindset that lends itself to daydreaming, I found myself dreaming after the first football game. I was thinking of the great accomplishments that could be achieved if we all had the undying unity of a community.  We could build a community where people felt they belonged, that was passionate, loud, and showed up in droves whenever we needed them. One we never hesitated to give our all to.

Great things could be done if we all had this type of support, but just as Bill Snyder took many years to build the community, we each should have the expectation of hard work if we want to build something similar. We can accomplish things like making our schools or places of business feel like a family.

I think it starts with lending yourself to a community. If we can’t bring ourselves to have fellowship with others who have similar interests, then how are we going to build a community? If we are to build community, we must be passionate. I do not believe there was ever a moment when Coach Snyder didn’t believe in his team 150%. Lastly, be grateful for any community we experience. Greatness can be formed in the midst of a group who has similar interests, common attitudes, and goals; be thankful for that. I am happy to be a part of the K-State family and feel equipped to pursue greatness. Whether we are walking down the halls of our school, or interacting with coworkers at our jobs, try to build a community that you want to feel surround you. Whatever your community is, nurture it, believe in it, and be proud of it. If we do this, we can see our own greatness sprout from the love within our community.

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