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African Time

Quick review of the day: I woke up a little late, discovered the nearly-Antarctic temperature as I ventured forth to Ag Econ 315, drove out to the Stout Center to feed Noodles the Rope Horse, came back to my dorm … Continue reading

Checking the Cost: Lessons Learned from South Africans and Pony Trimming

I remember being at Grandpa’s place near Longford one evening and herding his small circus of miniature ponies and donkeys into the small pen closest to the house. Our goal for that evening was simple. Using a trusty old pair … Continue reading

My Journey Towards Understanding Positivity

* I wrote this a few days ago while in South Africa and didn’t have the opportunity to post it there. After I looked at it I decided it was best as an authentic thought, so I haven’t changed much … Continue reading


Around this time of year, you can find your friendly neighborhood officers doing a few things. Among them are frantically studying for finals, signing Christmas cards for Kansas FFA, and celebrating the holidays together. The first isn’t very fun, but … Continue reading

Striking A Cord

As tempting as it is to write something political about our recent elections (it isn’t at all) I think I’ll completely avoid that topic in this little outpouring of thought. Instead, I’ll stick to something else in the news. Recently, … Continue reading


“He’s got a lot of try.” Coming from a cattle family, I’ve heard this said frequently by friends, family and others from a very young age. It is a simple phrase that I’ve heard applied to most anything in a … Continue reading

Sometimes It’s Just a Bad Day

Sometimes we just seem to have bad days. The days that start out on a sour note and just seem to go downhill from there. I’ve even had bad weeks, where the unfortunate circumstances seemed to continue throughout the whole … Continue reading

An Investment

I remember going to Land of Oz Simmentals just north of Hutchinson to buy my first cow. At six years old, grandpa had loaned me just enough to buy a bred Sim-gelbvieh heifer that I decided to name Macy, as … Continue reading