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Czech All Out

              This spring break, many of my friends were leaving Kansas to go to Colorado, Mexico, or Florida. I, however, was headed to Cuba. Yes, Cuba—Cuba, Kansas. Growing up in my hometown is definitely much … Continue reading

Words, Words, Words

              With the conclusion of 2014, I can say without regrets that it was my greatest year yet. The conclusion of high school brought sorrow, but opened the door to opportunity. Just beyond high school … Continue reading

Giving Thanks

Fall was cut short as snow fell over Manhattan on Saturday. For over a week students at Kansas State have been regretting not packing that extra coat on their last visit home. Also, across the state high school basketball practices … Continue reading

Quitting Strategically

Change. It’s a wonder to think that everything in our life that we have resulted from some form of change. Whether it’s a change in our taste of music, a change in our daily habits, or a change in the … Continue reading

The Race

“The real purpose of running isn’t to win the race, it’s to test the human heart”- Bill Bowerman  If there is one thing that you know about me, it’s that I do not like to lose. Especially on a summer … Continue reading