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Troublesome Kids!

We all have those days where nothing can seem to go right.  We might wake up late and miss our ride to school, then realize we forgot our gym clothes at home, then sit down in class and remember we … Continue reading

The Creative Mind

The search began during my sophomore year.  I had just applied to become an officer in the Blue Valley FFA chapter, and today was the day of the interview.  I was a little nervous, but had practiced for the interview … Continue reading

A Winding Road

The sun was going down, the wind was coming up.  Even so, I pedaled on.  It is mid October and earlier on this day I had decided to end a busy week of classes by riding my bike on the … Continue reading

Warning: Not Very Friendly

It read, “Please do not put your hands inside my pen, I am NOT friendly.”  Taped to the outside of a pen, this sign warned visitors about Chance, the 1287 pound crossbred steer that received the honor of being named … Continue reading

Venturing West

This past Friday, a pickup truck packed with 3 guys, a tent, 20 pounds of trail mix, and a map bumped along Hwy 96 headed for Colorado.  For the first time in my life, I was headed out to the … Continue reading