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Break Your Bridge

Every year, a handful of students at Cherryvale High School are given the seemingly simple task of building a bridge that spans a four feet gap; I was one of those students. After completion, the bridge faces a test of … Continue reading

Pen v. Pencil–The Great Debate

It is a GREAT feeling when we have it all together! We know exactly what we want to be when we grow up, who our best friends are and the exact time we have to get up in the morning … Continue reading

Take the Stairs

Every day, I face a choice–a simple choice. Do I take the stairs or the elevator? On my lazy days (or leg days), I will find myself standing in an over-crowded box in an attempt to spare just a little … Continue reading

People Loving People

On an application for an internship I filled out recently, I was asked the question “What is leadership?”. Good question, right?  We all know what leadership looks like and what leadership feels like, but when we try to put into words … Continue reading

What’s Happening?

Every time I open up the Twitter app on my phone, Twitter always has one simple question: What’s Happening?  After scrolling through my tweets and taking a look at what has been happening in my life, I can organize all … Continue reading

Catch Phrase

During my week at home over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had the chance to spend some time with my younger cousins. Like usual, the time we spent together was full of laughter and a little bit of wrestling. My cousin … Continue reading

12 Days of FFA

It’s the thought that counts.”  A phrase that we’ve all heard when,It’s the Thought That Counts,,draft,open,open,,,,,11/25/2016 20:49:06,11/26/2016 02:49:06,,0,http://www.ksffa.org/blog/?p=1527,0,post,,0 1529,35,12/02/2016 09:00:48,12/02/2016 15:00:48,”With Thanksgiving over and December beginning, it’s finally the most wonderful time of the year! While Santa finishes narrowing down … Continue reading

Make a Wish

Zoom! A shooting star zips across the sky. Make a wish! Whoosh! We blow out the candles on our birthday cake. Make a wish! Splash! Our penny sinks to the bottom of the fountain. Make a wish! Every time I … Continue reading


Check! There’s an odd feeling of satisfaction that I get when I can cross out a task on my daily to-do-list. It means I am one step closer to successfully making it through a busy day-one step closer to a … Continue reading

Down, Set, Hike

The time is coming! In just a few short weeks, my Sundays will (once again) be dedicated to watching the Kansas City Chiefs football games. I love everything about the Chiefs! The deafening buzz of Arrowhead stadium, the Tomahawk, the … Continue reading