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A Front Porch Swing

My entire life we have had a front porch with a swing….. Continue reading

Embrace Practice

I have never been good at drawing-or so I thought….. Continue reading

We Have our Heading….

WE HAVE OUR HEADING… AND HERE WE GO…. Every great adventure starts with us finding our path and then going for it. Each of us have different reasons for us to go on our journey and a bucket list of … Continue reading


I feel confident in saying that no one will forget the last couple of weeks or upcoming weeks in our lives. Continue reading

Ones Man’s Dream

Sold. $25,000 to number 94. This was what I heard a when I went home the weekend before we left for national convention. It was for a used “Caterpillar D6C Dozer, newer tracks, works good, SN 10K5709” as the auction flyer said. The dozer was one of the higher bided items during the sale. The night before as we always do my dad and I when to look over the sale. Continue reading

Holiday Traditions

Does your family have any interesting traditions? Well I’ll tell you mine does. The holiday season is an exciting time of year, the music changes, the clothing changes, and the weather changes, which some of us enjoy more than others. … Continue reading


The running joke for FFA members has always been that our organization allows you to meet and become friends with incredible people from across the nation. People who make you better, accept you, and inspire you. Then, you have to … Continue reading

The End Credits

A huge benefit of college compared to high school is that there is a lot more free time. A way I have been keeping myself busy, besides the overwhelming amount of homework, is diving deep into Spider-Man media. I’ve always … Continue reading

Always Remain Persistent

There is one thing I dreaded about going off to college—and that would be the parking lot situation. Now, I am very grateful for the parking lots, but actually parking my car can be an experience. The very first time … Continue reading

To The High School Senior

This past Friday I returned to my hometown of Wilson, Kansas for the annual homecoming ceremony. It was much needed time to reconnect with teachers, friends, family, and members of the community I had not seen in a while. While … Continue reading