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We Have our Heading….

WE HAVE OUR HEADING… AND HERE WE GO…. Every great adventure starts with us finding our path and then going for it. Each of us have different reasons for us to go on our journey and a bucket list of … Continue reading

Fill the Baskets

Halloween wasn’t too long ago and you might have seen a friendly ghost or a couple wicked witches wandering up to houses to trick-or-treat. Who still wishes that they were young enough to go trick-or-treating? I know I sure do. … Continue reading

You Can’t Recycle Wasted Time

Earth Day was celebrated this Saturday the 22nd, and my social media was flooded with posts and comments about how we can be more ecologically friendly. I saw countless pictures of friends planting trees, picking up litter, and taking out … Continue reading

Disney Life Lessons

Classic Disney movies have inspired people for generations with their positive messages. To this day, I am a genuine Disney fanatic and can probably quote every line or sing every song perfectly. Lately, I began to think of the deeper … Continue reading

You Are Enough

It is April, which means that the end of this school year is within reach. It also means that the busiest time of year is here and in full force. Spring sports have begun, classes are demanding, and the FFA … Continue reading

In the Midst of the Storm

It’s no secret that wildfires have spanned across parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Though these fires aren’t exactly “storms” they certainly had the same disastrous affect. They left scorched pastures, dead livestock, and destroyed homes in their wake. While … Continue reading

African Time

Quick review of the day: I woke up a little late, discovered the nearly-Antarctic temperature as I ventured forth to Ag Econ 315, drove out to the Stout Center to feed Noodles the Rope Horse, came back to my dorm … Continue reading

Checking the Cost: Lessons Learned from South Africans and Pony Trimming

I remember being at Grandpa’s place near Longford one evening and herding his small circus of miniature ponies and donkeys into the small pen closest to the house. Our goal for that evening was simple. Using a trusty old pair … Continue reading

The Power of Perspective

The other day in class, my classmates and I were asked to look at a series of pictures and determine what we saw. It turns out that each picture contained two images. Some people saw one while others saw the … Continue reading

Impactful Experiences

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked multiple times in scholarship and organization applications to describe a time in my life that completely changed my perspective or allowed me to find my identity. As I have reflected upon … Continue reading