They say that change is inevitable. As much as we think we can avoid change, and no matter how hard we work to stop change from happening, in the end, it does anyway. When I was in high school, I thought my sleepy town would never have something new and that it would always be the same old same old. However, just from being back for a few days in the last month, I have seen some incredible changes. Changes in my school, in my old 4-H club, in my church. At first, I felt confused and honestly, a little upset. After the fast pace of college in a different, bigger town, I can truthfully say I was looking forward to the monotony of my hometown (which is something I thought I would NEVER say after graduation). Now that I think about it, the change I saw is probably for the better. I realized I was only viewing my town from my perspective, not from the perspective of the people enacting that change. I realized that they probably saw a chance to grow, a chance to improve what was already there, and a chance to make our town a better place.

When I think of myself and how much I have changed, I’m left with some whiplash. The amount of experiences, lessons, and memories I have gained since the summer have left me with a mound of “stuff” to sort through. Personal development. Who I surround myself with. What I want after college and after my year of service. My friendships. My coursework. A lot has changed from the plan I had in high school, and as a person who loves being as organized as possibly, this change absolutely terrifies me. If there’s one thing I have learned from these experiences is that being open to change and not ruling out possibilities right away will lead me to doors I had never consider or knew existed.

From now on, I am going to focus on positive change and progress to make life better for myself, my teammates, and everyone around me. If we can learn how to consider change in a manner that doesn’t necessitate any immediate action, we can discover paths that lead to the evolution of something great! So embrace the possibility of change, contemplate the effect of your actions, and live your life with intention and growth!

Living to Serve,

Scuyler Zenger