Cold Hands, Warm Heart

My family always jokes with me about my cold hands. My dad and brother say it is because of the lack of blood flow to my extremities. Other family members have their theories as well. Personally, I think it may be due to the cold weather outside. However, my grandma would always say that when you have cold hands, it means that you have a warm heart. I can’t say that this is scientifically proven by any means, but I have adopted it and frequently use that as my reasoning.
Though this is just a simple saying, my thoughts started running to a deeper meaning. When the weather is cold outside or seasons in our lives become cold, how can we maintain a warm heart?

Having a warm heart may mean different things to different people. One way to think of a warm heart may be in the form of gratitude. With Thanksgiving still fresh in our minds, hopefully we are able to focus on all the blessings in our lives. Another sense of having a warm heart could be through the acts of service or kindness we perform.
During this past finals week, my friend had this neat idea to spread random acts of kindness to the many stressed college students on campus. We spent all of Sunday afternoon and evening making compli-mints(mints with compliments attached to them) and various other treats to hand out throughout the week. Something as simple as this brought so much joy to all the students we encountered.

Throughout this upcoming break and in the months following, let’s remember to keep our hearts warm!

Warm Wishes,


Elizabeth Meyer

Kansas FFA State President