Dear my Blue Corduroy Jacket

Dear my Blue Corduroy Jacket,

If I had never walked into Mrs. Van Allen’s classroom I would have never put you on. If I hadn’t realized your significance I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity.  If my advisor had never made an impact on me I never would have loved you. Fortunately, I walked into that classroom with the wall lined with a few plaques, home to new champions, leaders, and achievers, because through the legacy it held I came to understand your history and importance with quiet reverence as I zip you up. I also remember the joys, tears, trials, and lessons experienced while breaking you in

You have seen some changes; like the emblem and words stitched on your back and chest. You have been replaced not just once or twice but five times. Occasionally change is good and sometimes we need a fresh start with bigger ambitions while surrounded by new people. We have both grown and changed, but it is because of you that I have the opportunity to do so.

The time I have left in you is running short but the things I have learned and experienced while proudly wearing you will always be cherished. When it finally comes time to hang you up for good, I pray you know that you’ll never be forgotten. As your color fades and dust gathers you will continue to have an impact on my life and I’ll pass on your story, traditions, and legacy to the next generation of Future Farmers.


Miranda Depenbusch