Embrace Practice

I have never been good at drawing – or so I thought. For most of my life, my drawing abilities were only gauged on what my doodles in my school notebooks looked like. In these notebooks, one probably could not even count the number of swirls, stars, and random shaded areas on the piece of paper. The doodles kept me engaged in class – what I mean by that is they gave me something to do, but there came a time where I did not like the way the drawings looked within my notes. They began to look sloppy and repetitive, and I knew that those doodles I had been drawing for years needed to be made better and improved. So I took upon myself to practice.

Practicing my ability to write and draw required an abundant amount of time. With that time, I found myself embracing my responsibility to practice to find improvement and growth. However, without the time, there would have been no opportunity for change. The doodles would have been the exact same.

Practice takes time. In turn, time requires us to devoted and dedicated. You get what you put in. When you put in the time to practice, the end result will be far better than you imagine. Simply embrace our responsibility to practice.

Within practice, we can develop our personal style and experience growth. Practice allows us to open our minds to where we could go and how we can get there. We just need to invest the time.

So let’s come to today, where my drawing may not be the best, but they have improved and have become unique to me. I have found my style within my doodles and my handwriting, but always remember, practice never ends. Find what you enjoy, but may not be perfect at. We must always invest time into practice within our everyday lives and accept that within practice, there is growth.

Invest your time,

Accept the responsibility,