From the Country to the City: A Big Change

    When people ask where I live, I sometimes told them to drive to the middle of nowhere and then keep going.  I lived 20-25 minutes from school, 45 minutes from the nearest Walmart, and 1 hour from the nearest movie theatre.  Now, I walk 3 blocks to school everyday, can make Walmart round trip in 15 minutes, and am 5 minutes from the movie theatre in Manhattan.  It’s my 7th week in the big city, and I am just starting to make sense of city life.  Moving to Manhattan has been a huge change for me to experience.  
Change is a very interesting thing.  Some people strongly dislike change, while others love everything about it.  I am not saying that one is right and one is wrong, but I will say that society is experiencing a lot of it.  How many different types of iPhone’s have we seen just in the past five years?  The important thing about change is to treat is as an opportunity to grow.  In the past week, I had the opportunity to travel to the Southwest District Greenhand Conference where their theme was “Grow in FFA”.  I watched members grow by changing their thoughts about FFA and agriculture.  
How can change benefit you?  What are its negative effects?  What can be accomplished by changing the standard and thinking outside the box?  All these questions immediately come to mind because it can a scary thought to change.  Despite these frights remember that change causes growth.  This week I challenge you to think of one way that you can change something in your daily routine.  Take note of the effects and then begin applying change to those areas of your life where you want to grow.  It can seem scary at first, but it has the power to cause growth.  Gavin Degraw has a song called “Everything Will Change.”  There are a couple of lines that describe change very well.  It’s starting like a fire, tonight you lit the flame.  What will happen when you light the fire of change in your life?