Giving Thanks

Fall was cut short as snow fell over Manhattan on Saturday.
For over a week students at Kansas State have been regretting not packing that
extra coat on their last visit home. Also, across the state high school
basketball practices have begun. Just like I miss the beautiful fall weather, I
miss lacing up those basketball shoes and throwing on that practice jersey. One
never realizes how fortunate they are in a situation until it’s gone.
Enjoy the
little things and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.
There were so many times that I dreaded going to basketball practice, because I
always thought it would be so much easier to take a nap after school. However, basketball
is just a sport. There are many other experiences that will come and go just as
quickly as high school basketball. Seriously appreciate the time you spend with
loved ones, whether that is your family members, a community, or friends. As
Thanksgiving approaches, I challenge you to do three things:
Think about the events in your life that you may
not enjoy all of the time and find the purpose behind the effort you put into
Thanksgiving Day, shut your phones off and have
a conversation with those around you.
Tell the people you care about the most how much
you appreciate them being in your lives.
      Finally, understand that as
certain things come to an end, there will always be a silver lining. As fall
comes to an end, think about all of the new calves that are being born across
Kansas. Though I may not see my friends from high school every day, I have
built new friendships. Even though I will not be serving my community on our
high school basketball team this year, I will be serving a much larger
community in Kansas FFA.

What purpose are you serving? How do you show your appreciation for
that purpose?