It’s the Small Things

Welcome to the most stressful time of the year. Christmas is approaching, and for many of us that means Christmas break as well. However, we all know that before we can make it to Christmas break we must get through the dreaded finals. Late nights, early mornings, and long days sum up what this time of year brings. We can see break fast approaching, yet we are tied down to many things in the weeks coming up. During these times, it is easy to get overwhelmed, exhausted, and most of all grumpy. However, instead of focusing all our energy on ourselves and what we have to get done, let us focus on others.

I must admit that I have been guilty of being grumpy during this time. In fact, just the other night I was being negative about going to Christmas carol around the community. I had things to get done and it was cold outside. One of my good friends kept me accountable and showed me the importance of what we were about to do. She kicked me into shape and got me into the right frame of mind. We completely surprised the family at the last house we visited. They had no idea that we were coming and from the looks on their faces we could tell how truly thankful they were. That night I had the opportunity to bring joy to other people’s life, yet at first I was completely negative about it. I needed to be reminded that the best thing I can do is to invest in others and serve them.

The night we Christmas caroled in the community.

The night we Christmas caroled in the community.

Many of the people in my life do this for me daily. I have seen this first hand through the small things that they do for me. The other morning my friend, surprised me with a coffee. People in my dorm are always holding the door for me. My roommate brought me an awesome Christmas gift. My teammate sent me a sweet text. The ladies from my community back home made me a care package for finals. My sister took me out for lunch. Each of these acts impacted me. These people went out of their way to think of me. They brought me joy. Even though they are facing the stressful times as well, they took their time and effort to make a positive impact on my life. Even though they may have seen their actions as “small”, I felt as if they were big.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 reads, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” I have been built up. I have been impacted. I have begun to understand the importance in doing the small things for others. As we wind down this semester, and it feels as if we are too exhausted to do anything else, let us remember, by serving others, we too will be refueled. What can we do to show others encouragement? Kansas FFA, remember, it is all in the small things.

Living to Serve,

Katelyn Bohnenblust

2016-2017 Kansas FFA Treasurer