Kiran Elam, Kansas FFA Treasurer

Hometown: Beloit, Kansas

Parents: David and Christine Elam

Chapter: Beloit FFA

Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE): Diversified Livestock Entrepreneurship – I raise my own cattle, sheep, hogs, and goats. I own 5 head of Angus cross cows and 2 replacement heifers. In my sheep operation I have 25 commercial ewes, 4 replacement ewe lambs, a purebred Suffolk club ewe, a Columbian ram, and a Texel ram. I also own 2 crossbred gilts and 2 Boer nannies.

Highest Chapter & or District Office: Beloit FFA Secretary

College: Kansas State University

Year: Freshman

Major: Agricultural Education

High School or College Activities: Asherville Achievers 4-H Club, Beloit High Tennis, Beloit High Dance Team, NCK Dance, Beloit Community Orchestra, Beloit High Orchestra, Beloit High Band, Beloit High Color Guard, and Beloit High National Honor Society

Career Goal: Graduate from Kansas State University with a degree in Agricultural Education and become an agriculture educator and FFA advisor in a rural Kansas high school. I also plan to start my own rough stock company.

“When I started high school, I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere,” Elam said. “I was involved in many different extracurricular activities and I enjoyed them all; however, none of them truly set me on fire until I got involved in FFA. FFA was where I found my place. As I grew up on my family farm, I always loved agriculture, but FFA fueled my passion. It is my goal to help other members find their place in FFA. There are so many opportunities in this amazing organization for members coming from all backgrounds. I want to fuel the passion for agriculture in the hearts of other members. I want others to feel the goosebumps and sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves.

“There are so many opportunities in this amazing organization for members coming from all backgrounds.”