KS FFA Officers- Pawnee Edition

Over the last 9 months, our state officer team has grown to know each other on a VERY personal level. Whether we’re living out of a suitcase for weeks at a time, prepping for a conference, caravanning to an event, or flying halfway across the world, we’ve all been through thick and thin together. After all of this, what could be better than a side by side analysis of our personalities compared to Parks and Rec Characters? Now, these personality traits are NOT 100% PERFECT, but I’d like to say they’re pretty accurate, enjoy! (Disclaimer: quotes are from the show, not the officer!)

happy chris traeger GIF

Max Harman- Chris Traeger

  • Unwaveringly positive
  • Enjoys a ~quality~ facilitation
  • Always excited for literally anything…especially science and leadership
  • BIGGG running guy (in high school)
  • “There is literally nothing that you can’t do”
  • Great with names
  • Huge hearted and passionate about serving


parks and recreation treat yo self GIF

Michael Dowd- Tom Haverford

  • Prefers everything brand name
  • Small but feisty
  • Owns a pair of stylish sunglasses
  • Still uses terms like swagtastic, groovy, and legit
  • “Treat yo self”
  • Tries to be a business man but enjoys policy more
  • Sometimes over extends himself but only because he cares about lots of stuff, yo
  • Uses spunk to bring the department together


parks and recreation mic drop GIF

Scuyler Zenger- Ben Wyatt

  • LOVES calzones (from Jeff’s Pizza)
  • Did finances n stuff in FBLA and accounting
  • Is a registered Knight (of Columbus for Scuyler) (of the UK for Ben)
  • “(every single pun every made by either person)”
  • Incredibly devoted to specific TV Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Teen Wolf, and Game of Thrones
  • Mature, thrives while working
  • High key celebrities in their fields (@FFAstylesquad)
  • Has a slew of information readily available

april ludgate wolf GIF

Krissy Isle- April Ludgate

  • Quirky and sometimes scary
  • Not afraid of dead animals
  • Uses snakes and other vermin to prove a point (sometimes in a roommate’s bathtub)
  • “That’s gross. I love it”
  • Lives by the tough love philosophy
  • Appreciates all kinds of animals and wants to be a vet
  • Genuinely cares about her work
  • Exceptionally creative
  • Has a soft spot for helping with people


rashida jones GIF

Miranda Depenbusch- Ann Perkins

  • Has a problem with falling frequently
  • Is nice to every single human being on the face of the Earth
  • Despises running
  • Loves children
  • “Ok, but we should talk soon because I almost bought a toe ring the other day”
  • Has crazy eyes (occasionally)
  • Hugs are mandatory
  • Gives her love selflessly to everyone around her


oh my god wow GIF

Garrett Craig- Andy Dwyer

  •  Comically hilarious and occasionally witty
  • Naturally born theatre guy aka Burt Macklin and Johnny Karate
  • Casually aloof- can be spotted running into doors or ripping pants
  • Was in a rock and roll band (or Tiger Choral, same thing right?)
  • “The bad feelings make me feel sweaty”
  • Has/wants to take a women’s study course
  • Kind, caring, and loyal
  • Passionate and will devote fully to the right cause