Love Five Times Over

I had a
bit of trouble coming up with a story or topic for this blog. I sat and stared
at my computer screen for a long time. I had a case of “writer’s
block.” During my block, I received a Snapchat from my teammate,
Bethany. Then, it hit me. My blog could be all about my teammates! Each one has
made an enormous impact on my life, and with Convention slowly approaching, I
thought that it was only appropriate to tell you all about these 5
being elected to serve as State Officers, we decided to go to dinner as a team.
We all sat around the table telling stories about our lives and how excited we
were to create even more memories with Kansas FFA members. We laughed and
relaxed. After a rather large dessert, we made our way to the city park, and
proceeded to play “tag” until it was dark and we couldn’t breathe. It was a
great bonding experience to say the least.
Today, we
are still a team that really enjoys a nice game of “tag” every now and again,
but we have grown together in a way that is difficult to describe. We’ve gone
through trainings, conferences and college together. We have grown as
individuals too, which has been interesting to watch. Each one of us has
experienced some sort of “light bulb” moment where everything just clicks, and
we are reminded of our purpose. We truly care for one another, and I wouldn’t
have it any other way.
For me,
my teammates are my rocks. They hold me together. They’ve seen me
cry, listened as I poured out my heart and have made me laugh until I couldn’t
take it anymore. What’s great is that each one serves
as a different type of friend to me.
and Bethany are the two I call for anything. I have called them before just to
hear their voices when I was feeling lonely. I call when I need a new or
creative idea. Sometimes I call just to catch up. They are my #1 advice providers and always are ready to listen. They keep me grounded. Additionally, they are
always up for an adventure, even at 12:30 in the morning. Walmart or Sonic
run anyone?
Jeff and Kyle are the ones I run to when I need an attitude check. Just a smile
from either one of them will brighten my day. I know that when I hang around
them long enough, something will happen that will be some sort of an “iconic
moment” in our friend history. The next time you see Kyle, ask him about his
skateboard incident.
I cherish
the times that my teammates and I are together. They make me a better person.
They allow others to shine as well. Kyle, Taylor, Bethany, Nick and Jeff, thank
you for being my friends, adventurers, motivators and amazing human beings. I
thank God for you every day.


In our
lives, we will have people that come and go with time, but when we find those
incredible ones that allow us to be the best version of ourselves, we find
true, everlasting friendship. Hold onto those people. They will create such
great memories and happiness with everyone they come in contact with. I ask
that you love those people with your whole heart so that you may receive love
in return.