Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can you?

One of my favorite books as a child was Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can you? Although Dr. Seuss has authored many amazingly wonderful books, Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can you? will always be one of my favorites. It takes us on a journey of all the wonderful sounds Mr. Brown can do. He can sound like a Cow, the rain and even a goldfish kiss! After Mr. Brown demonstrates the sounds he can make, the author provides the question… “How bout you?”. Now, I am sure many have overlooked the underlying message in this children’s book. However, the countless hours I had my dad read this book to me (because my mom was not cool enough to make the “pop” noise so it was always my dad’s job) and the many times as I got older that I randomly start reciting this book has brought me to the conclusion that Mr. Brown had way more up his sleeve than a variety of cool sounds.
Mr. Brown demonstrates the numerous sounds he makes and therefore, is sharing his gift of interpretation with us all. Each one of us has a gift or talent that is worth sharing. Along with sharing his gift of interpretation with the readers, he also challenges them to try new things and find their own talents. By asking “How bout you?”, he helps young children learn to try something new. Humans are definitely creatures of habit. Therefore, even though we may have been encouraged to try new things as children, some of us get stuck in our ways and need a friendly reminder. I challenge you to try new things in your own life and help others try new things in their lives. Search for your weird, quirky, unique talents that make you, you.

So, Mr. Brown can recognize his gifts and talents… How bout you?

Here’s a link to a video reading of this literary masterpiece:

Find what makes you…you,