Quality Carries On

Well, it’s that wonderful time of the year again. When classmates come together to celebrate their time in school and watch a good ole’ game of football. Yep, it’s Homecoming! Whether it’s at our hometown high schools or at Kansas State University, the week is always packed with fun activities for the entire community to enjoy. I was actually able to head back this past weekend to our game to catch up with old friends, watch my sister walk across the field as a queen candidate, see my former teachers and coaches and enjoy another Chapman Irish Football game. It sure was strange to come back to a game for the first time as an alum.

Last years fun Homecoming memories! Your state treasurer Lane Coberly and I were both on our Homecoming Court.

Before I made my way to the football field, however, I made a quick drive around the schools. It made me think about all that my classmates and I were able to accomplish throughout our four years at Chapman High School, and the legacy we left. I’m sure every class wants to be known for something; whether it’s for sports, academics or activities. Now, depending on who you ask, the experiences would differ, but in my mind, my class was a family. We prided ourselves on making the halls of our high school welcoming to new students and to old. Though we may be gone, I hope that value endures on in the other students now.

The things we do now will last forever, but the best things will continue to stay long after we’re gone. Sure, my class brought in various awards and accolades, but that’s not what will carry on for years to come. The things that will last the longest aren’t trophies or objects. Nothing quite sums it up like this Coke commercial that was shot right outside of Chapman, featuring a great sponsor of Kansas FFA, Ford.


It’s always fun to get that Career Development Event medal or win your proficiency award area, but is that what we truly want leave behind? Take some time and think about what we as FFA members want to carry on. How will we work to make sure that the values and characteristics carried on by future FFA members are quality?