Pushing Past the Finish Line

Spring Break is officially here! (If not today, it soon will be for most students) This marks the near finish line for the end of any school year. The newly found Spring weather of March, combined with nearly a week off of school have always equalled some fun adventures for me, from Branson to New Orleans, and even Kansas FFA Leader Lab! Along with the adventures, however, came the inevitable countdown clock on my phone.

I always had the exact time, down to the second, of how many days until that glorious summer break arrived. “Only 54 days, 7 hours and 35 seconds until summer break!!!!!”

I’m sure many students are doing the same, including the many seniors who will be graduating in just a few short months! Even though the Spring is packed full of different activities, with the end of the school year in sight, there comes the opportunity to push through with all our strength, or just go through the motions until that count hits 0.

I’ll admit that throughout high school, after spring break, my motivations to finish strong usually fell through the floor. I had so many excuses; “I’m tired.” “I’m always gone for FFA.” “I have decent grades.”, and the list goes on. Instead of pushing through to that finish line, I was slowly crawling, barely reaching the white line.

As I was sitting in my dorm room, endlessly scrolling through social media, starting to feel as if I was just crawling through my week, I came across a video that one of my friends had shared. The clip below comes from a great movie called “Facing the Giants”. Go ahead and take a look.

The coach used that blindfold to show his team how much they could achieve, and made them promise to give their all. When Brock gave his entire effort, not knowing his end goal, he achieved more than he could have imagined. What if we put on our “blindfolds” when we were going throughout our year? As of this post, there are 79 days until the beginning of state convention, and my team and I’s “finish line”. Instead of putting that counting down the days until we meet our next goal, crawling until we reach the finish line, let’s use our “blindfolds” to power through the rest of this year, in our schools, community and in the FFA!