Smile and Breathe

People often ask me what I enjoy doing in my free time and I always seem to respond “What free time?”  While it may seem like a joke, I am sure that at times some of us have actually felt like this before.  We have a million assignments due, meetings to prepare for, or tests to study for and we just seem to keep working and working and working.  Some of us plan breaks, but just are too busy to actually ever take them.  Others, like me, plan short study breaks that turn into very long breaks.  Either way, it just seems like that we keep stressing and worrying and not being productive.

Well I have found the solution to all our problems.  It’s called fratsketball, and it may be the single greatest study break that I have ever found.  Fratsketball is exactly like basketball with one major difference, a 9 foot rim.  Just like basketball when we were kids, a person shoots for teams and then we play half court basketball with one’s and two’s until one of the teams makes it to 15.  All I do is text a couple friends and then run up and down the halls yelling who wants to play and before long we have 8 people taking a great study break.  The only rule about fratsketball is that you don’t talk about classes, we just have fun with those people there  The serious part about fratsketball is the dunking.  It can get pretty intense.  I have seen everything from a 360 dunk to some crazy self toss up slam.  The whole atmosphere of fratsketball is to just have fun and not worry.

Now some of us may be thinking that basketball isn’t our cup of tea, and how does fratsketball even help solve our problems.  Technically it doesn’t solve everyone’s problems, but the idea and atmosphere of fratsketball can work wonders.  When I play fratsketball, I completely forget about work and take a total mental break.  For me, it’s the perfect study break.  I don’t once say how much work I have to do or what I could be doing instead, that’s not allowed.  Maybe it means playing some Taylor Swift and jamming to Style.  Yeah I’ve done that!  We can be much more productive if we learn to truly relax as opposed to go nonstop for 8 hours.

Some people fear the word relax, but like my football coach always said, getting proper rest is almost as important as doing the work itself.  Some of us may play fratsketball while others go cruising with our friends with the radio blaring.  Maybe we are studying for a final test or working late in attempt to get ahead for the next day.  Wherever we may be, take a break, look at something that makes us laugh, smile and breathe then attack that to-do list with a smile on your face refreshed and ready to go.