Stepping Up for Students

Jayhawk-Linn sophomore and FFA member Brynn Collier has taken on the role of tutor to a local family during the school year. On days that the three young boys are at home due to hybrid learning, Collier makes sure to offer any assistance that might be needed so they have the best chance at succeeding in school. Collier is excited about the leadership development this opportunity will bring.  

“It is giving me the opportunity to inform others about how to be a leader. I think that leadership skills are very important to students like me because when we grow up and go into real work we will use these skills on a daily basis.” says Collier.

“Helping teach kids has always been something I have liked doing, so when I was asked to help homeschool a family of three boys I automatically agreed,” Collier says. “Homeschooling three boys can be very difficult at times, especially when they are 14, 11 and 7, but it is a wonderful learning experience for the boys and I. I do not think I would be where I am now without them.”

Collier’s connection with the family began with a different type of educational experience.

“In the middle of June, I was fortunate enough to get an offer from this family that I could not say no to,” Collier says. “They asked me if I would like to bring my SAE pig out to their house.”

Raising her pig allowed Collier to see her skills of leadership and hard work that she learned in FFA in action.

“When it was time to start working with my pig I was thankful that I had been involved in FFA because it had taught me all of the basics I needed to know to take care of an animal,” Collier says. “This was my first time ever showing an animal and with the help from FFA and my new ‘family,’ I was able to really grow as a person in such a short amount of time. I ended up selling my pig at the local fair in the beginning of August, and then two weeks later I started homeschooling the kids. For the last four months I have learned so much and made tons of memories that will last a lifetime.”

“For the last four months I have learned so much and made tons of memories that will last a lifetime.”