Stop and Smell the (Sage)

“…What the results are showing is that your worst allergies are to hickory trees, cats, and sage. You said you were going to California next week? They have sage everywhere out there”

Thank you, Doctor. I really appreciate you pointing that out.

Yep, I went and had an allergen test last week (I’ll spare you the details because they aren’t too pretty). I’ve always known that trees and cats really set my allergies off (sorry, Taylor, I can’t join your Cat Club) but finding out I’m allergic to sage was something new. And as my doctor was eager to point out, I would get an actual field test in California over spring break.

Not only was my doctor right about my allergies, but he was spot on about the sage in California as well. There are parks called “sage hill,” streets named after the plant, and according to this lovely sign, the foliage of the area is basically nothing but sage:

Long story short, I might as well be surrounded by hundreds of cats. This realization made me start to dread the trip and, once we got here, pretty miserable with anticipation of the allergy attacks to follow. In the middle of worrying about myself, though, I almost missed out on an opportunity to enjoy the company of my family and this kind of view:
I know my issue with sage is just a small, menial problem, but how often do we let something like this happen in our every day lives? Do we get caught up in everything that is going wrong instead of enjoying the blessings we’re surrounded by?
Here’s my challenge to you for this spring break: Take five minutes and focus on nothing but what you’re thankful for (writing in a journal or creating a list could help!) Forget about whatever is the sage in your life right now and really let yourself enjoy wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and whoever you’re doing it with! Stop and smell the sage!*
*Do not actually smell sage. Trust me, the allergic reaction will not be worth it.