Take the Stairs

Every day, I face a choice–a simple choice. Do I take the stairs or the elevator? On my lazy days (or leg days), I will find myself standing in an over-crowded box in an attempt to spare just a little bit of energy. On the days when I feel especially fit, I climb the steps to my destination.

There are a number of reasons I choose to take the elevator. It is convenient to push a button and go exactly where you want to go. By taking the elevator, I expend hardly any energy. I simply walk in and after a few moments I am where I want to be with little to no effort on my part. The elevator allows me to stay comfortable. Elevators provide us with a sense of convenience and comfort.

Likewise, there are a number of reasons that I should take the stairs. By taking the stairs, I am making a healthy decision. The calories I burn by walking up the steps add up quickly and it allows me to stretch out my legs and get some blood flowing. These small bits of exercise keep my mind and body functioning at the highest level all day long! Plus, after climbing more than 50 flights of stairs in a day, I can’t help but feel accomplished.

Just as they should, after weighing my options, the stairs win most of the time. Just because something is convenient, does not necessarily make it our best option. By taking the elevator, I never have to get uncomfortable or worry about hiding my heavy breathing once I get where I’m going. On the other hand, taking the stairs allows me to keep my blood flowing, benefits my health and fitness and (if I do it every day) maybe I won’t have to worry hiding that heavy breathing!

Get uncomfortable. I have found that in just about any situation, if you want to be the best version of yourself, you have to be okay with doing hard things. Make the decision to try something or break the norm, not because it’s easy, but because it’s good for you.

There are a lot of parts that are needed to make an elevator work properly. An elevator needs electricity, pulleys, doors, buttons an emergency phone and a lot of other components too! Why complicate things to make yourself comfortable? Get uncomfortable, keep it simple and take the stairs!

Living To Serve,

Trenton Smedley