Trusting in Dillon

Prologue: For this story to make sense, we must understand that although I poured my heart into bettering myself for sports, my mediocre athletic abilities never allowed me to excel at the varsity level.

During my junior year I had the opportunity to be the All-Star 2nd baseman and pitcher for the Abilene High School baseball team. The North Central Kansas League was not ready for Riley Sleichter’s blazing fastball that only hit the strike zone part of the time or his routine fly-out at bats. I was looking forward to my year being the only Junior on the Junior Varsity squad, which automatically made me the team captain.

I knew that the incoming freshman had talent in their class, so when practice started I was on the lookout for other star athletes that could propel our JV squad to victory. We got into practice and one freshman stood out to me because he had something special. This younger player simply had something about him that intrigued me; I could never define what is was, but I knew that I wanted to develop this member into a close friend of mine. As the year went on, I learned his name was Dillon, and I must have been right with the special feeling because he turned into my copartner as Dillon played shortstop. Dillon and I turned into the deadly duo, and no one wanted to hit a grounder up the middle because it was a guaranteed out or double play.

Dillon developed into a friend that I knew I could trust on the diamond and off the diamond.

This past spring I received a text message stating that Dillon had been in an accident and was currently being flown to the nearest Intensive Care Unit (ICU). That night Dillon began fighting for his life. After some time spent in the ICU, he was transferred to Kansas City and began rehab, but with one major change: Dillon was blinded by the accident.

Upon his return home, I went to visit Dillon because I had not been with him for a few months. Dillon and I went to a local restaurant for dinner, and I was quickly amazed that not much had changed: Dillon and I were able to talk just as we did before the accident. The trust that Dillon and I developed on the diamond had become even greater, as Dillon trusted me with leading and counting out his money. I quickly realized that Dillon pours his trust out to others and I am astonished that Dillon trusts everyone that he comes across, and the amount of trust he grants them with is a goal that I strive to achieve.

I have learned much from Dillon, and one of the greatest things I have taken from him is the idea of trust. Dillon’s life revolves around the trust that others will help him along the way. I now strive to trust others more, and encourage others to trust as Dillon does. How can you begin to live your life like Dillon and place your trust in those around you?

Riley Sleichter