Unapologetically You

Hello friends! My name is Hattie Polson and I am currently serving as your 2020 – 2021 State Reporter. My hometown is Frankfort, Kansas where I was a member of the Frankfort FFA Chapter in the Northeast District. Some of my best FFA memories happened at local level: community breakfasts in the ag shop, painting the new member’s hands green to kick off FFA week, and of course, “drive your tractor to school day”. My favorite LDE is job interview because it gives members the opportunity to prepare for a real world situation by empowering members to really embrace who they are and what qualities they bring to the table.

Whenever I was preparing for “Job Interview”, it was usually pretty standard procedure, updating my resume, writing a cover letter, practicing the STAR interviewing method, but it wasn’t till my senior year when I began implementing a new practice. I began writing down words that described the person I wanted to be and keeping those words in a spot I would always see in hopes of personal growth in that direction.

Interviews came and went, but personal growth never ceased. To this day, I make a list every month of the person I want to be. This month I have three words: authenticity, intentional, and unapologetic, my favorite being unapologetic.

Friends, it’s important that we embrace who we are and our differences so that we may live intentionally and authentically by being unapologetically ourselves. Be unapologetically you. As FFA members we are presented with endless opportunities of personal and leadership growth. In order to become the best possible versions of ourselves and maximize growth we must be authentic, intentional, and unapologetic.

I leave you with a quote from Morgan Harper Nichols,

“Keep on being you. Keep on doing those beautiful, impactful, honest things you do. Out here in this crazy world, we need more people like you.”

Kansas FFA, be Unapologetically You.