What Can I Do For You?

Everyone deserves a break from time to time. I am sure that this Christmas break came at a very good time for many of you; it did for me! The weeks leading up to break were filled with the desire to get back to my family farm and help with the craziness that the winter months provide. All I could think about was getting home to help Dad with the livestock, help Mom bake Christmas treats and help my sister prepare for her upcoming wedding. I was ready to have a break from school and be able to indulge in some good, old-fashioned, stuck on the farm, family time.

When I finally got home, after a very long finals week, my energy to “help out” had gone down substantially. I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was lie in bed. However, it soon hit me that my time at home was limited, and I needed to make the most of it. I lifted myself out of bed and went to find out what I could do to help around our home. My father had me help him move two of our sows to their farrowing crates, since their birthing date was soon. My mother had me clean and prepare our home for the family Christmas that was to take place. My sister had me address all of her “Save the Dates” for her wedding. After these tasks (plus a few more) were finished I began to reflect on all that had taken place during my few, short days at home.

Instead of thinking, “What do I want to do?”, I started asking “What can I do for you?”. By changing my mindset, I was able to serve my family. As this new year rolls around, we will each have an opportunity to serve our family, friends and communities. This can be done by simply asking those around us what we can do for them. It could also look like taking on a leadership role within your chapter or community. Soon it will be time to apply for chapter, district and state offices. Let us each seriously consider these opportunities as a way to serve the National FFA Organization. Be reminded, however, that service can be done always, in all settings.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Although I didn’t see it at first, this was the attitude that I needed to be reminded of at the beginning of my Christmas break. This year, let us lose ourselves in service to the world around us. Instead of thinking, “What do I want?”, let us ask, “What can I do for you?”. Kansas FFA, I challenge you to give yourselves to the service of others. But now, I must ask, Kansas FFA, what can I do for you?

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Forever Blue,

Katelyn Bohnenblust

2016-2017 Kansas FFA State Treasurer