Running for State Office

Dear Potential State Officer Candidate,

I hope you are having a great start to your spring semester! Springtime brings many opportunities for involvement within the FFA, but of them all, the most valuable could be taking part in the state officer candidate process for the selection of the 2020-2021 Kansas FFA State Officer Team. If you have considered serving the Kansas FFA Association as a state FFA officer, it’s extremely important that you begin this process!

Running for and serving as a Kansas FFA State Officer has been hands-down the best growth experience of my life thus far and has served as a platform and foundation for even better things to come. The selection process and year of service both help individuals cultivate their premier leadership, personal growth, and career success in a unique way. While running and during their year, candidates and state officers learn about agriculture and FFA on both a state and national level. They commit to serving others before themselves. Candidates all make new friendships through the process, whether it’s bonding with fellow candidates or, if elected, with teammates and members throughout the state and nation. The decision to run for state office is a serious commitment that potential candidates should consider weightily!

If you can envision making that commitment, possess a desire to serve the Kansas FFA Association, and are driven to grow yourself, then I strongly encourage you to participate in the state officer selection process! It is an opportunity that I can assure you will not regret. The growth occurring and memories made during the process are indescribable. The first step is to submit your Intent to Run form, which can be found on the Kansas FFA Association website and is due postmarked no later than March 1, 2020. If you’re at all considering running, submit your Intent to Run, which gets you on our list for information about the soon-following application and growth opportunities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the process, please reference the candidate handbook, your complete encyclopedia for everything state officer selection, or please don’t hesitate to email me at I appreciate your time and can’t wait to see you and many members apply for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Living to serve,

Max Harman
2020 Nominating Chair

The Opportunity to Serve

"It’s hard to describe accurately with words. The networking, the connections, the personal growth—you hear that’s what one can gain from being a state officer. In truth, the improvement and experiences go much farther."

Eli Ohlde 2017-2018 State President

"This opportunity has allowed for once in a lifetime experiences that provided real connections and deep growth. The members I have met from across Kansas and our nation through state office have impacted me on a far greater level than I thought possible."

Katelyn Bohnenblust 2016-2017 State Treasure
Customer Testimonails

"Being a state officer taught me that true leadership is service and true service is really the only thing I'll do that will matter in the end. There is no better way to spend my time and energy."

Bethany Schifferdecker 2014-2015 State Vice President
Customer Testimonails

"My year as a state officer is still one I look back on with fond memories! It was an absolute blast to serve the organization and to wake up every day knowing you had the chance to make an impact on another student. It taught me so much and, even to this day, many of the lessons I learned during my year of service I can apply in my everyday life."

Nathan Laudan 2011-2012 State Reporter

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