State Conference for Chapter Leaders

Kansas FFA’s State Conference for Chapter Leaders (SCCL) provides members with an opportunity to grow, enhance their leadership abilities, and connect with members from across the state. SCCL is a three day, two-night conference held at Rock Springs 4-H Center during the month of July. During this time, members will be engaged in several workshops, activities, and other events benefiting their overall chapter leadership experience. Workshops are facilitated by state officers and focus on different aspects of being a successful leader. Chapters will also have time to put work into what their chapters will look like the following year. Throughout the conference members will have an opportunity to take part in flag raising, flag lowering, opening ceremonies, and reflections. Members also have the chance to build relationships with others across the state during recreation time, the scavenger hunt, and the dance. SCCL is always an impactful experience for all who attend. Members leave SCCL with a desire to serve and many ideas on what they want to implement into their chapter.

Attendees will be provided with two Kansas FFA t-shirts to wear on Day 1 and Day 2 of the conference with school appropriate bottoms. On Day 3, members should wear a chapter shirt of their choice. No official dress is needed.

Attendees will be given time to meet with their chapters to plan their Program of Activities for the upcoming year. Chapters will also be able to explore Rock Springs 4-H Center through nightly activities such as a scavenger hunt and dance.

Members and advisors will be staying in cabins at Rock Springs 4-H Center. Roommates will be randomly assigned so members can meet people from other chapters across the state.

“We learn valuable lessons on advocating for agriculture, stepping up on our chapter and community teamwork and communication, and we even get to work with our chapter in planning our Program of Activities.”