Scrapbook Awards

The purpose of the FFA Scrapbook is to present the activities of the FFA chapter in such manner as to encourage prospective and/or new members to become acquainted with chapter activities. In addition, it serves as a record for archive purposes a history of the chapter. Also, chapters can use the scrapbook as a guide for officers in planning chapter activities.


  1. Each Chapter may submit one (1) entry.
  2. The scrapbook may include all activities of the chapter for the period of one (1) year.
  3. Extend from previous state FFA Convention to be shown at current convention.
  4. Limited to 50 scrapbook sheets; however, both sides of each sheet may be used, equaling 100 pages. This does not include the Title and Table of Contents pages.
  5. Sections should be divided as table of contents.
  6. The scrapbook may consist of pictures (color or black and white); newspaper or magazine articles; programs from banquets, letters of recognition (from schools, town council, etc.); and other materials which will fit into the scrapbook. Items need to be securely fastened.
  7. Newspaper pictures and articles, sources and date of publication.
  8. Items within divisions listed in sequential order.
  9. The scrapbooks will be judged on Wednesday evening prior to the start of State FFA Convention.
  10. Judges will have the knowledge of FFA, but will not have a direct connection with any Kansas FFA Chapter.
  11. The scrapbooks will be placed on display during the State FFA Convention and should be picked up by the chapter at the close of the convention.


Organization should include the following items:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. List of officers, members, committees
  3. Chapter program of activities
  4. Contests
  5. Awards
  6. District Meetings
  7. State Convention
  8. National Convention
  9. Miscellaneous


All entries are judged, scored, and scoring returned to chapter.

  1. All entries will be classified in bronze, silver or gold divisions.
  2. Points awarded are as follows:
Chapter Information 15
List of officers
List of committees and members serving on the committee
List of members with degrees held, SAE programs & activities
Program of Activities
News Release (newspaper, radio, TV), advisors, reporters and others 20
Must be about FFA programs or activities
Duplicate articles in different publications are acceptable as long as a paper identification banners are included
FFA news releases other than locally 5
Local chapter programs, catalogs, service forms, etc. 5
Special certificates and awards received 5
Photographs of chapter activities and members 15
In focus and properly exposed
Tells a story of the event
Caption or title included
Organization 15
Title page complete
Titles or captions are typed or neatly written
Spelling, grammar
Neatness 10
Originality & Creativity 10
Use of materials
Page decorations