Running for Kansas FFA Office

Dear Potential State Officer Candidate,

I hope all of you are as excited to starting the next semester as I am. With this next semester we get to look forward to new and exciting FFA events! Along with these wonderful and joyous events we have the start of the selection process for the 2017-2018 Kansas FFA State Officer Team! If you have any consideration of the possibility of serving the Kansas FFA Association as a state officer, it is extremely important that you begin this process.

Throughout my year of service to the Kansas FFA Association I grew as an individual more than I ever have before. State officers develop their premier leadership, personal growth and career success to the next level through their service to the Kansas FFA Association. Their year is marked with learning more about their State Association’s FFA, themselves and agriculture throughout the nation. The friendships that they make through state office are many, whether that is between their teammates, members across the state and even members throughout the nation. The decision to run for state office is a serious commitment that potential candidates should consider before taking the next step.

Members who have any desire to serve the Kansas FFA Association I strongly encourage participating in the state officer selection process. It is an opportunity that you won’t regret and you will learn more about yourself than you ever have before. The memories that you will make in your blue jacket as a state officer are ones that will last a lifetime. The Intent to Run form can be found on the Kansas FFA Association website and is due postmarked no later than March 1, 2017. The application will soon follow. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the process, please reference the candidate handbook or contact me at I appreciate your time and look forward to see many applicants for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Living to serve,

Karl Wilhelm
2017 Nominating Chair

The Opportunity to Serve

“Serving as a state officer was easily one of the most significant experiences of my life. It opened doors for me that I never imagined- I met people, went places and did things that I never would have otherwise.”
Lindy Bilberry, 2013-2014 State President

"This dynamic once in a lifetime opportunity provided me with the skill set to face any challenge, and especially taught me to cherish every experience."
Ashley Guenther Stambaugh, 2006-2007 State Secretary

"My year as a state officer is still one I look back on with fond memories! It was an absolute blast to serve the organization and to wake up every day knowing you had the chance to make an impact on another student. It taught me so much and, even to this day, many of the lessons I learned during my year of service I can apply in my everyday life."
Nathan Laudan, 2011-2012 State Reporter

"Perhaps I didn't make a difference in a members life, but I know for sure members changed my life during my year of service!"
Lacey George, 2007-2008 State Sentinel