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2017 Livestock Nomination Information

Mar 6, 2017

Below you will find the 2017 state livestock nomination materials.  Please make sure all of the families within your chapter who will be nominating livestock projects use the 2017 forms and information.  There are no significant changes to the nomination process this year, but there are a few minor modifications that are outlined below, as well as included in a separate document labeled “2017 Nomination Updates”.  Only the 2017 forms will be accepted, so if you have copies from previous years, please dispose of them!  The current forms have “January 2017” on the bottom.

The “Rookie Guide” has been updated to reflect current information.  This resource includes updated versions of the standard nomination information and resources released, as well as some more detailed instructions and a FAQs document.  Hopefully, this will help reduce the overwhelming nature of the nomination process to some first time families.  The 2017 updates include more information on locating and reading full scrapie tag numbers, as well as example completed forms for each species. 


May 1 – Market Beef nominations due (includes steers and market heifers)

June 15 – Commercial Heifer, Market Swine, Commercial Gilt, Market Lamb, Commercial Ewe, and *ALL Meat Goat nominations due

*All meat goats that families would like to be eligible for the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive or KJLS must be nominated.  This includes market meat goats, commercial does, and registered does, because neither show has a registered breeding doe show.


  • Form-fillable PDF Declaration & Nomination Forms Available

New this year, all of the state nomination paperwork is available as form-fillable PDF documents.  So, families may type their information directly into the forms, print them off, obtain the necessary signatures, and then drop them in the mail with their other nomination materials. Original signatures on all paperwork and DNA envelopes are still REQUIRED!  Forms that are missing a signature or include an electronic signature will be returned to the family as incomplete.

All forms are formatted such that a family may use the form-fillable properties if they would like, or simply print it off and complete it by hand.

  • Only County Extension Agents or FFA Advisors May Sign Nomination Paperwork

Only signatures from an appropriate county extension agent or FFA advisor will be accepted on nomination paperwork.  The paperwork needs to be signed by a county extension agent for 4-H members and an FFA advisor for FFA members.  Volunteer signatures will not be accepted.  County agents and advisors are individuals with the authority to verify membership, which is one of the primary purposes of that signature.

  •  No “Additional/Extra” Forms Available

The additional/extra nomination forms that were available for a couple of species if families had a significant number of animals to nominate have been discontinued.  There will only be one form available for each species.  If a family is nominating lots of animals, they may use the form-fillable PDF and replace the tag numbers on the bottom to avoid re-typing the contact information on the top of the form.  All of the forms will still require an original signature from exhibitors, a parent/guardian, and county extension agent or FFA advisor.

  • Swine Ear Notch Submission Requirement

Continuing in 2017, the ear notches for all swine nominated must be included on the swine nomination form.  Families/Households need to draw the ear notches exactly as they appear in the pig’s ear for each animal nominated, in addition to writing the notch number in the field provided.  Even if a family types their information in the form-fillable PDF, they will still need to draw the ear notches by hand after printing the form.  Leaving either of the ear notch fields blank will result in an incomplete nomination.  Educational resources for reading notches may be found in the Rookie Guide, on the Youth Livestock Program website, or through the local Extension Office.

  •  Full Sheep & Goat Scrapie Tag Numbers Required

Continuing in 2017, the scrapie tag number will be required for all sheep and meat goats nominated.  The full scrapie tag number, including Flock ID/Premise ID number and individual animal number, must be submitted (Example:  KSS0035 16121).  If a nomination is received without the full scrapie tag number listed for each animal nominated, the nomination will be considered incomplete. For more information on scrapie, identifying the scrapie tag, or how the tag number should be correctly submitted on nomination paperwork, please refer to the “Rookie Guide”, the Youth Livestock Program website, or the local Extension office.

  •  Checklist Included with Specie Nomination Forms

Each specie nomination form is now two pages, with the second page being a detailed checklist for that particular species.  This checklist may be printed as a separate page, on the back of the nomination form, or not at all.  Families DO NOT need to submit this checklist; it is simply provided as a resource to assist in submitting complete nomination materials. 

  • Youth PQA® Plus Certification Date

All swine exhibitors must submit a valid Youth PQA® Plus certification number by June 15th.

Other Important Nomination Notes

KSU Nomination # - this is the 5-digit number issued to a family when they submit state nominations for the first time.  A list of family/household names and KSU Nomination #s is attached to use as a resource.  Neon green postcards with the official family/household name and number were sent to families who nominated animals in the last few years.  However, if a family has nominated before, just not for several years, and they are not on the attached list.  If this is the case for any of your families, please call and I can look up their original number.  We want to try and avoid a family receiving duplicate KSU Nomination #s.  If a family is new, please write “new family” on the top of the declaration form and leave their KSU Nomination # blank; the system will generate one once their nominations are received.

Mail/Postmark Dates – all deadlines are postmark dates.  The date that will be used to determine if an envelope is accepted and has met the deadline is the printed postmark date on the envelope. Families are HIGHLY encouraged to use certified mail.  Generally, it is received on campus more quickly AND families have proof of mailing.  If they request a return receipt, a postcard will be returned to the family confirming their nominations were received.  This service is in addition to the standard postage rate for the envelope/package, and is a flat rate of $3.35.  If a family knows they will be cutting it close getting to the post office, they are encouraged to see what the cut off time is for getting mail postmarked for the current day at their local location, or have the envelope hand stamped by a USPS employee when they deliver it.  The cut off time for postmarks varies by location and is typically before the post office closes.  Leaving nominations in a family’s home mailbox for carrier pick up or dropping them directly into the bin, especially near the deadline, is discouraged.  K-State, KJLS, and/or the Kansas State Fair are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. 

Show Entry - please help your families understand that nomination does NOT constitute an entry.  They must officially ENTER each show in which they would like to participate, after they have completed the nomination process.  Grand Drive entries for the Kansas State Fair are due by July 15th and KJLS entries are due August 15th.  Each show is responsible for their own entry process and will release entry information this summer, as entry time approaches.  This information may be found on their respective websites or social media pages.

Kansas State Fair - http://www.kansasstatefair.com

KJLS - http://www.kjls.org

Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have questions as your members go through the nomination process.  There will be a Facebook live held prior to the market beef deadline and small animal deadline to go over the nomination paperwork and process.  Please watch the Kansas State Youth Livestock Program Facebook page for more details!

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