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State Livestock Nomination Deadline Approaching June 15

Jun 8, 2017

We’ve hit the one-week countdown to the state livestock nomination deadline!  Any market animal or commercial female that will be shown in the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive or Kansas Junior Livestock Show (KJLS) must be nominated.  Commercial heifer, market swine, commercial gilt, market lambs, commercial ewes, and ALL meat goats (market, registered breeding does, and commercial breeding does) are due JUNE 15.  This is a postmark deadline, but families are highly encouraged to get their nominations submitted early to avoid missing the deadline.  Certified mail is recommended.

If you want to save yourself some frustration and an incomplete nomination, please use the checklist provided as page 2 of the specie nomination forms, as well as the important bullets below!  Sheep and Meat Goat families – make sure you list the FULL SCRAPIE TAG #, which includes the Flock/Premise ID AND individual animal number (Correct Example Format:  KSS0035 16121).

Important Reminders:

  • 2017 Forms MUST be used for nominations to be accepted.
  • The 2017 forms are fillable PDFs AND have a second page that is a checklist – please use this as a guide!
  • Ear notches will continue to be required for swine nominations, including both writing the notch number and drawing the notches in the fields provided.
  • Full Scrapie Tag #s are required for sheep and goats, including Flock/Premise ID AND individual animal number (Ex. KSS0035 16121).
  • Checks need to be made payable to KJLS.
  • There is a $20 incomplete fee if any information is missing or any part of the nomination has to be returned – double check your materials!

The 2017 updates, forms, Rookie Guide, and other information may be found on the KSU Youth Livestock Program website, under “Nomination Information”.


Once your nominations have been processed, you will receive an official letter in the mail.  Please read it to verify the information we have in the system.  Also, electronic reports will be posted periodically on the nomination page under “Nominated Livestock Reports”.  If your family appears on this list, your letter has been dropped in the mail.

Show Entry:

NOMINATION DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ENTRY!  Nomination is just the first step in showing at a state show.  You must also officially submit and entry through the specific show in which you would like to participate.  Rules and entry information for the state fair and/or KJLS may be found on their respective websites, which are provided below.  The 2017 rules are now posted for the Kansas State Fair and KJLS.  The state fair entry system is open as well.  The KJLS entry system is expected to open at the end of next week.

Kansas State Fair Grand Drive – Entries DUE July 15th - http://www.kansasstatefair.com/p/exhibitors/livestock-competitions/377

KJLS – Entries DUE August 15th - http://www.kjls.org/

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lexie Hayes or your local Extension Office.

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