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Western Kansas Youth Conference

Jan 22, 2018

"When the well is dry, we learn the worth of Water." - Unknown

Being a part of Western Kansas, we know that water is an important natural resource, but do your students know?

With the help of Dr. Gaea Hock, Russ Plashka, KDA, and Kansas Water Office, the SWD officers will have help putting on a two day conference to help increase the awareness of water use and it's importance. This coming spring, we will be holding the Western Kansas Youth Advocate Water Conference in Garden City, March 23-24th.

This summer it was a big hit for the eastern Kansas and we hope for the same in Western Kansas. We have limited space and have room for8-10 students.Because of this limited space, students will have to submit an application.The application is due February 9th.The application is attached in the link below.

All expenses are paid for except rides to the conference.

We hope you take the time to apply for the conference. If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or Dr.GaeaHock atghock@ksu.edu.


Ms. Melissa Poet

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