Find Your Home

With the freezing temperatures and snowy weather, we are all getting more time at home lately. Schools are cancelling, roads are being closed and we are stuck at home curled up in a blanket watching it all happen. One of my favorite quotes is “Home is not a place… it’s a feeling.” So, although we have been at our physical home, this weather may have taken us away from our emotional home.

An emotional home can come in many forms. Maybe your emotional home is with your best friend, the local coffee shop or doing farm chores. Whatever it may be, it holds a special place in our heart that is often hard to explain to others. Everyone can also have multiple things that make them feel at home. A few of my “homes” away from my actual home are my friends, watching tumbleweeds blow across the road (it’s a Southwest Kansas thing) and of course, FFA. Throughout high school, and beyond, the FFA organization has been there for me through thick and thin. The second I put on the Blue Corduroy that has meant so much to so many different people, everything around me fades away. I can’t help but block everything out and be in that exact moment. I feel absolutely unstoppable.

Each of our emotional homes brings about a different feeling. FFA makes me feel like an agriculture superhero, my friends make me feel valued and loved and the tumbleweeds blowing across the road make me feel reminiscent. Each feeling of home is unique to each situation and each individual. There is no right or wrong answer to where you may find the feeling of home in your life. However, when you do find those things that are your home away from home, surround yourself with those things. We may feel lost at times, have no idea where we are going, or find ourselves searching for something to call our home. Try new things, be courageous and find those places, organizations, random items or people that make you the happiest in life.

Find your home,

Bailey Sipes
Kansas FFA Secretary