Ones Man’s Dream

Sold. $25,000 to number 94.

This was what I heard a when I went home the weekend before we left for national convention. It was for a used “Caterpillar D6C Dozer, newer tracks, works good, SN 10K5709” as the auction flyer said. The dozer was one of the higher bided items during the sale. The night before as we always do my dad and I when to look over the sale.

Auctions where I grew up have always been treated as a sad thing. Usually a death in the family and this one was nothing new. He had died of cancer in June and everything he had he worked for since he was cut off from his family was sold. Every auction has different groups of items for sale from boxes of filters to clean plates out of a cabinet. But they all have something in common, boxes of dreams and rows of dreams…

He had struck out on his own and everything that for sale was his, his own dreams which were not inherited from another person. When we went to the night preview of the sale, my dad explained to me that he never had a thing given to him and he worked hard for everything he owned. That is why he has so much stuff gained because he was able to pursue all of his dreams. Such as a pile of steering wheels, sucker rod for building corals, a half-completed trailer that he had to just put a floor on it. Over forty tractors in various stages of working order. But these are all his dreams…… soon to be sold.

But what is a dream… is it a fragile construct that dies when we die, or can it live on? Some dreams die but some have a chance to live on. We all have different dreams that we each view as important. Something that close to our heart that is so fragile it can break or change just quickly as the passing of the wind. “If you have a heartbeat, there is still time for your dreams”, Sean Stephenson said. Your personal dream can fade as time goes on but just like a tractor at the auction it can become part of something much bigger than yours, a part of a someone else’s dream and evolve. Your dream never dies but usually it does not stay the same with the passing of time.

We all have to ask ourselves these questions.

• What is your dream?
• How can you preserve it?
• What can change it?

Find Your Dream,

Lukas Sebesta