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Information Updated 8/03/2021

Participants in the Meats Evaluation and Technology Career Development Event delve into the science of meat. During this team event, students evaluate beef carcasses for quality and yield grade; identify various meat cuts and place carcasses; and identify wholesale and/or retail cuts.

General Information

The 2021 contest will be held in a virtual format. Teams will consist of 4 people and the top 3 scores
will count towards team score.
To prepare for the contest, contestants should consider the following information:

  • 6 classes consisting of either beef carcasses or cuts (rounds, ribs, loins, or short loins), pork carcasses or cuts (hams or pork loins), and retail cuts (pork, lamb, or beef). The exact classes will be selected based on availability and class quality.
  • 2 of the classes will have 5 questions on them, with the questions classes clearly identified for the students.
  • There will 30 retail ID cuts in which the students will identify the cut name, primal, species, and cookery

Contestants will be allowed 9 minutes for placing each judging class. They will be allowed 4 periods
of 9 minutes each for retail cut identification, 2 periods of 9 minutes (1 period/3 carcasses) for quality
and yield grading, and 2 periods of 9 minutes to review notes and answer questions.

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2021 State Champion Team

Uniontown FFA Chapter

Past Meat Evaluation & Technology CDE Winners
  • 2019 – Pleasant Ridge FFA
  • 2018 – Uniontown FFA
  • 2017 – Pleasant Ridge FFA
  • 2016 – Satanta FFA
  • 2015 – Satanta FFA
  • 2014 – Pleasant Ridge FFA