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A State Officer’s Guide to a Good Chemistry Grade


I “manifest” and have been doing so since December. If you’re looking for a reliable “manifester” in Manhattan, KS, then I’m the person you reach out to.

What started out a joke between two sleep-deprived friends studying for finals, quickly became something more after my friend told others about my “incredible ability”.

The truth is I’m just the same as you. I don’t have superpowers or magical incantations I can chant to make things come true. Most days, I can barely wake up in time for class.

But now, I receive texts daily from other people asking for a “manifestation” and have quite a list of things I’ve manifested: good donuts for Ashley, parking spots for cars full of people, no slow traffic, a Panera Bread within the next 5 miles, acceptance letters into honorary societies, and prom dates.

My only requirement is that if it’s a bigger request, it needs to be made a few days in advance. Smaller requests can be made in the moment. I can’t just pull an outstanding interview out of my old bookbag. After all, I can’t work miracles.

But I think the most interesting thing I have manifested for another person is a good chemistry test score, in particular for my friend Adelaide.

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Before I started “manifesting” for her, she wasn’t getting the scores she wanted.

Adelaide has all the necessary parts to succeed: she’s motivated, smart, hardworking, asks questions, and has confidence in herself. She’s got exceptional study habits. It seems like she’d have no problem getting that score all by herself, but she did struggle.

Then I “manifested” for her on a cold December night before finals, and her grade jumped.

Wow. Maybe I really do have magical powers.

Or maybe not.

I have a small confession to make: once people ask me for a manifestation, I tell them I’ll be thinking of that request till it happens. Then, I close the message and never think again about that conversation, unless they bring it up to me later with a “I got a 92 on my test!”

I congratulate them, tell them I knew they had it in them, and laugh silently to myself because I really haven’t been doing anything extra.

What’s the secret? Honestly, your guess is just as good as mine.

But here’s what I think: We all know to believe in ourselves, but sometimes that confidence is lacking, and we don’t know it. Sometimes it helps to have another person “manifesting” for you. Sometimes it helps to have another person cheering you on. Sometimes it helps to have another person believe in you. Then anything is possible.

Oh, and the guide to a good chemistry grade?

Find someone to “manifest” for you.

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