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Happy Holidays Kansas FFA!


I hope everyone is having a great time with family and friends this holiday. As we are spending time with family, I would like to take this time and reflect about what the holidays are truly about. What do the holidays mean to you? It is a time that you get to spend with family? Or maybe a time to give and receive gifts? For me the holidays are a time to spend with those whom I care about. One of my favorite things to do with others are traditions.

Traditions are a great way to bring people together and it has been for millennia.  Now I am not saying you have to make this grand tradition for your friends and family. This is what makes traditions so amazing. It does not matter the size or who it is with, a tradition is still a tradition. 

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I myself have many traditions both big and small.  I make Christmas cookies with my family each year and deliver them to people in my community. This has been something my family has been doing since I can remember. Even though this is one of the biggest family traditions it does not look the same every year. When I was younger I helped my dad cut out the cookies which mostly consisted of me sneaking cookie dough in my mouth when he wasn’t looking. I also helped frost the cookies when I was little however my cookies were not given to others because my frosting skills were still in the works. The past few years we have introduced cow and pig shaped cookies in our line up of designs. Today I am the one in charge of the ovens and anything else I can help with. Traditions are ever changing as our lives change and I believe that it is important to not stress over the little things. 

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Traditions are one of the main pillars of FFA. Today we wear the same corduroy that the first FFA jacket was made of. We have generations of families that have a respect for the blue and gold. The tradition of FFA helps unite us together. I would like you to take a moment and think about your FFA tradition whether it be getting donuts before a contest or listening to the Italian version of Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect and how it has affected you. These fun traditions leave a great impact on everyone in your FFA family, and with that I challenge you to embrace tradition Kansas FFA!

Happy Holidays! 


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