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Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy the Growth!


When I picture my comfort zone, I immediately think about the warmest, most inviting recliner I have ever sat in. Warm and cozy, this is the type of chair that makes you feel wrapped in a hug each time you sit down; the kind of chair you never want to get out of. The chair is perfect for relaxing after a long day, watching my favorite Netflix show, or settling in for a nice Sunday afternoon nap.

Unfortunately, there comes a time when we must escape our comfortable recliners and head back into the real world. After all, there’s places to go, animals to feed, and homework to be done. I dream of sitting in my recliner all day long, but it’s awful hard to get much done from inside its cozy grasp. We must step away from our recliner, or rather, our comfort zones, to explore, accomplish, and learn.


This year we may be faced with opportunities that seem uncomfortable at first, it may seem like a good time to stay in our recliners, but often our best memories are made away from our comfort zone. The first step to success is often stepping out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s stepping into an ag classroom for the first time, signing up for a new CDE, or embracing a new officer team, we can all take the first step towards success by stepping out of our comfort zones.

Once we step out of the comfort zone, we immediately enter the growth zone. While the first step can seem scary and uncertain, the growth zone awaits those who take that bold first step. We never know what lies in the growth zone until we arrive there. That ag classroom could become a second home, a new CDE could spark an interest in a future career, or new teammates could become our best friends for life. This year, when presented with a new or intimidating opportunity, I encourage you to jump out of your comfort zone and say ‘YES’ to new experiences. Always remember, a simple step away from the recliner can be the first step in finding our place in this world.

Ashley Chandler

Ashley 1

Kansas FFA President