To Sum It All Up: Myself in Numbers

Holding on tight to each other, my brother and I grew up weaving through the students of Wilson High School, down the hall, until we reached that one room the seemed like home. Once through the door we drew on the white board, played tetris, watched Cyberchase, and even played paper hockey. That’s right, we were in Mom’s math room. And what’s math, without numbers? Numbers for me, though, are not just 1 + 1= 2, rather…

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1= Justine Dlabal. I am Justine Dlabal. Just as all of you, I am one person who has my own strengths and my own weaknesses. My purpose in life is to fulfill God’s will that he has for me. seniorpics1 003

2= Role Models. By now, I have many people in my life who have been great role models for me, but there were two people from the very start who were positive role models. My parents Jim and Rosemary showed me how to live my life; they lived with courage and strength. They have always believed in me.

3= My Three Lovely Brothers. I have been blessed with one older and two younger brothers. Ethan, the 10 year old fifth grader, enjoys playing basketball, baseball, and football. Aaron, the seventh grader, is one of the smartest little boys I know. He loves to write, draw, and play soccer. Joshua, my older brother, will be a junior majoring in civil engineering at Kansas State University. He always helps me out and if there was one would be awarded the Bebros cropst Big Bro Award.

4= Prongs on a Fork. For some odd reason (I have no idea why) I prefer to use forks, which have four prongs, over spoons. I eat corn, potatoes, even ice cream with a fork.

5= Corners. My hideout, when I want to be alone, is my five corner bedroom. (Yes, my bedroom does have five corners). While my room is usually a mess (and my dad wonders how I even get to my bed at night), I can spend hours in my room finding random things to do.

6= Advisor. My advisor Mrs. Huseman begun teaching at our school six years ago. I ha100 03891d no idea about all of the opportunities of FFA when I first joined, but Mrs. Huseman was sure to help me along the way. Her encouragement and belief in her students is remarkable.

7=Strength. Harmony (a seven letter word) was chosen as my top strength. I try to let very little conflict arise when working with others.

8= Snooze Button. While I try to imagine every time I wake up that this new day is a gift, I do enjoy my sleep. I set at least three alarms every night in fear of missing it, yet I press snooze at least eight times before I actually make my way out of bed.

9= Sunset Time. During the summer days, I love spending the late evenings outside. About 9:00 is the perfect time of day; the colors of the sky are amazing and I’ve learned that YES your day will get better if you SING as the sun sets!

10= My Dream. Since I have been ten years old I have had the dream of becoming an elementary teacher. My goal is to come back to my hometown and teach at Wilson Elementary School. 30172 402421663035 556078035 4466125 1015287 n%5B1%5D

11= Birthday. April 11, 1993, an Easter morning, was the day my parents were blessed with their one and only little girl. 0051

12= Minutes. Our family lives on a farm between Ellsworth and Wilson. It takes 12 minutes to get from our farm to the school in Wilson. Although I would never try, I could probably drive the road with my eyes closed.

13= Coaches. Ever since I’ve first begun participating in sports I have had 13 different coaches. I have enjoyed basketball the most, but also ran track and played volleyball.

14= Classmates. I went to high school at the small 1A school of Wilson High school. I graduated with 14 classmates but more importantly friends, teammates, and supporters. We were like a family and made it through everything together. Those 14 classmates made me never want to leave.
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15= Class of ’15. This next year I will be attending Kansas State University. In May 2015, I hope to become a K-State alumni as I receive my diploma.

16= First Hurt. I have never had a broken bone, stitches, etc. Although I did not have to go to the hospital, when I was IMG 0483116 I rolled my ankle during a basketball game. It has been my one and only ‘serious’ injury so far.

17= Daily Sticky Note Use. My organizational skills consist of sticky notes, sticky notes, and more sticky notes. They can be found in my bookbag, beside my pillow on my bed, in my purse, and just about anywhere. While 17 is not the exact number I use every day, it’s pretty close to the average.

18 = Now. This brings me to today; the age I am. I have been given another year full of opportunities and full of challenges to overcome. A year to make a difference in t255169 1795937023688 1397583754 31683979 2009277 n%5B1%5Dhe lives of those around me. I am very excited to serve the Kansas FFA and promote agricultural education throughout the state. My 18th year has so many possibilities ahead of me, just as this year, this month, this day has endless possibilities for all of you.

~So much more than just these numbers describe me, but it’s a start to my life equation.~

There is something that makes each of us unique, whether you connect with numbers or not is your own choice. Realize what makes you- YOU and LIVE YOUR LIFE!