Wasted Time


I’m gonna be straightforward with you- I used to be the absolute worst about procrastinating. Now, believe me, I still procrastinate from time to time when I don’t feel like walking down the two flights of stairs to do my laundry, or when I have some time to work on an assignment that will help me stay ahead…..but I really have to watch The Office to see who wins the Costume Contest in S7: E6….again. We all can relate to a time, or multiple times, when we have something productive to do and the time to do it, but instead we indulge in some Netflix. We understand that it would be amazing to get things done and use our time wisely and have great intentions in doing so but our “one more episode” turns into hours laying in our bed until our phones are practically dead.

Why do we do this? And, how can we stop it?

Personally, I use my tasks as motivation. Knowing that if one thing gets accomplished I will feel infinitely better and have less guilt in the present and also later on down the line. Additionally, the realization has set in that time is one of the few things we will ever be able to find more of, and when it’s gone it is really gone.

Click the link below for a bit of a witty explanation as to why we procrastinate. It is a longer video, but hey, just one more video right?

Don’t allow procrastination (or the instant gratification monkey) to steal your time,