Extemporaneous Public Speaking LDE

Event Rules

  1. Any FFA member may participate as long as they: a) are currently enrolled in high school agriculture; b) have not placed first in state competition previously.
  2. Each district may have five competitors in the State Event.
  3. It is highly recommended that participant's be in official FFA dress as defined in the current Official FFA Manual.
  4. Any participant in possession of any electronic devise in the preparation room is subject to disqualification.

Event Format

  1. Event officials will randomly assign speaking order.
  2. The selection of topics will be held 30 minutes before the event. The participants will draw three specific topics, selected at random from the pool of 18, relating to the industry of agriculture. After selecting the topic they desire to speak on, all three topics will be returned for the next drawing.
  3. Eighteen topics will be prepared by the event superintendent and will include three each from the following categories:
    1. Agricultural literacy and advocacy
    2. Current agricultural issues
    3. Advancing agriculture through agricultural science
    4. Current technology uses and applications in agriculture
    5. Agrimarketing and international agriculture
    6. Food and fiber systems
  4. Participants will be admitted to the preparation room at 15-minute intervals and given exactly 30 minutes for topic selection and preparation.
  5. The officials in charge of the event on the following basis will screen reference material on the following basis:
    1. Must be limited to five items.
    2. Printed material such as books or magazines
    3. Printed compilation of collected materials from internet research
    4. To be counted as one item, a notebook or folder of collected materials may contain NO more than 100 single sided pages or 50 pages double sided numbered consecutively
    5. Cannot be notes or speeches prepared by the participant or notes prepared by another person for the purpose of use in this event.
  6. Each speech should be the result of the participant's own effort using approved reference material which the participant may bring to the preparation room. No other assistance may be provided. Participants must use the uniform note cards provided. Any notes for speaking must be made during the 30-minute preparation period. A participant will be permitted to use notes while speaking, but deductions in scoring may be made for this practice if it detracts from the effectiveness of the presentation.
  7. Each speech should be not less than four and no more than six minutes in length, with five minutes additional time allowed for related questions which will be asked by the judges. The room monitor will introduce the participant by name and chapter, and the participant may introduce his or her speech by title only. Participants are to be penalized one point per second on each judge's score sheet for being over six minutes or under four minutes. Time commences when the speaker begins talking. Speakers may use a watch to keep a record of their time. Event officials or observers will give no time warnings.
  8. Each judge shall formulate and ask questions. Questions will pertain directly to the speaker’s subject. Questions containing two or more parts should be avoided. Judges will score each participant on the ability to answer all questions asked by all judges. The full five minutes will be used.


Plaques for top four speakers:

  • 1st- $100 cash award, certificate and plaque
  • 2nd- $50 cash award and plaque
  • 3rd- $25 cash award and plaque
  • 4th- $25 cash award and plaque