Employment Skills LDE

The Kansas FFA Employment Skills Leadership Development Event is designed for FFA members to develop, practice, and demonstrate skills needed in seeking employment in the agricultural industry. Each part of the event simulates, as closely as possible, real-world activities that will be used by real-world employers.

Event Rules

  1. The Employment Skills LDE will be limited to three participants per district.
  2. The Employment Skills LDE will only be for an FFA member enrolled in (a) secondary Agricultural Education class(es).
  3. Students will be in official dress during the event.
  4. All written materials, including cover letter, resume, etc., will be the result of each participant’s own efforts.
  5. Any participant in possession of an electronic device in the event area is subject to disqualification.
  6. Participants will also include a signed letter, with the materials mail, that states the information provided reflects his or her current skills and abilities.
  7. Participants shall be ranked in numerical order on the basis of the final score to be determined by each judge without consultation. The judges' ranking of each participant then shall be added and the winner will be that participant whose total ranking is the lowest. Other placings will be determined in the same manner.
  8. The event coordinator will be in charge of the contest.

LDE Format

  1. Equipment
    1. Students are allowed to bring the following items to the event:
      1. Writing Utensils
      2. Blank paper
      3. Resume
      4. Cover letter
      5. List of references
      6. Business cards
      7. Pad folio
    2. The following are not permitted:
      1. Letters of reference
      2. Samples of work
      3. Pictures
      4. Personal pages
  2. Activities
    1. The event is developed to help participants in their current agricultural related job search (for SAE projects, internships, part-time and full time employment). Therefore, the cover letter, resume, and references submitted by the participant must reflect their current skills and abilities and must be targeted toward a job for which they would like to apply. In other words, participants cannot develop a fictitious resume for a fictitious job; they must utilize their actual experience. They are expected to target the resume toward a real job for which they presently qualify. The participant will submit the following:
      1. Cover Letter (Points 100)
        1. Five copies of a 8 ½" X 11" letter of intent. The cover letter is to be typed, one page, single spaced, left justified using Times, Times New Roman or Arial 11 point minimum font.
        2. The letter dated for the first day of the event and addressed to:
          Mr. Brooks Hetle
          Kansas State University
          110 Umberger Hall
          Manhattan KS 66506
      2. Resume (Points 200)
        1. Five copies of a 8 ½" X 11" resume.
        2. The resume is to be single sided, typed using Times, Times New Roman or Arial 11 point minimum font. The resume should not to exceed two pages total. Paper should be 24 lb max weight. DO NOT use cardstock or colored paper for the event. Resume paper is acceptable.
        3. Resume must be non-fictitious and based upon their work history.
      3. Cover letter, resume, and references must be submitted to the State FFA Office by the posted deadline. If document is not received seven days after postmark deadline, the individual may be subject to disqualification.
      4. Score from the preliminary round will be transferred to the scorecard for those participants who participate in the final round.

At the State FFA Leadership Development Event the following will be completed:

  1. Application (Points 100)
    1. Students will complete a standard job application on-site prior to the personal interview. Score from the preliminary round will be transferred to the scorecard for those participants who participate in the final round. Twenty minutes will be given.
  2. Personal Interview (Points 500)
    1. A panel of judges will interview the contestant. Each interview will last no longer than twenty minutes.
    2. Students in the final round will interview with three separate judges.
  3. Follow-Up Correspondence (Points 50)
    1. Participants will submit a follow-up correspondence after the interview. Participants will be provided with necessary materials to compose a follow-up correspondence. Correspondence may include, but is not limited to, one of the following: e-mail, hand-written note or typed letter. If the computers are not available, the follow-up correspondence will be hand written. Participants will have 30 minutes to complete the follow-up correspondence.
    2. Letter is to be addressed to the Career Development Event coordinator, and should be a response to their most recent interview.


Ties will be broken based on the greatest number of low ranks. Participant's low ranks will be counted and the participant with the greatest number of low ranks will be declared the winner. If a tie still exists, then the event superintendent will rank the participant's response to questions. The participant with the greatest number of low ranks from the response to questions will be declared the winner.


The event participants are all evaluated in the preliminary round. The top six participants (two from each preliminary room) with the top scores will participate in the final round. The participants will have scores from their cover letter, resume, and application carried into the final round.

Preliminary Round Section Points
Cover letter 100
Resume 200
Application 100
Personal Interview 500
Preliminary Follow up Letter 50
Final Round Section Points
Preliminary Round Points 950
Final Round Personal Interview 500
Final Follow up Letter 50


Awards will be presented to the top six individuals as follows:

  • 1st place- $100 and plaque
  • 2nd place- $50 and plaque
  • 3rd place- $25 and plaque
  • 4th place- $25 and plaque
  • 5th place- medal
  • 6th place- medal