District Leadership School

Each of the seven districts will conduct a Leadership School, the event will consist of three areas: Parliamentary Procedure, Ritual (Opening & Closing Ceremonies) and Leadership Information Test.

  1. The district Parliamentary Procedure portion of the event will consist of the following components from the state competition: Demonstration and 50 question Exam. Please note some districts also include the following components as a part of their district competition: completion of Minutes and oral response to Questions. Check district guidelines to confirm the additional activities.
  2. The reference for the fifty (50) question exam as a part of the parliamentary procedure component with be related to the Eight Standard Characteristics taken from the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.
  3. The Leadership Information Test will consist of 100 questions taken from the Leadership Information Question Bank. The questions in the exam can be written either as true/false, matching and/or multiple-choice type questions. Forty minutes will be allowed for participants to complete the test.

    All questions will be gathered from the question bank. They will be agriculture and FFA related questions, covering the scope of the FFA organization in its entirety, including history, dates, people, programs, activities, and current events. Sources used are as follows: (websites) Kansas FFA, Kansas Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Statistics and Service, and National FFA. Also sources include the most current issues of the Official FFA Manual, the FFA Student Handbook, the Career Development Events Handbook, American FFA Degree Handbook, Agricultural Proficiency Awards Handbook, Chapter Planning and Recognition Handbook, Kansas FFA's Golden Years', Blue Jackets and Gold Standards, and American Farm Bureau Farm Facts.
  4. Scoring of the district leadership will be as follows: Rank of Information Test and Ritual will be added with parliamentary procedure being counted twice to obtain an overall rank. The low score would, therefore, rank the highest. In case of a tie(s), the parliamentary procedure area will be the tiebreaker.
  5. Overall winners are determined by a rank order of the three areas.
    The first and second place teams in the area of parliamentary procedure will qualify compete in the State Parliamentary Procedure CDE during the State FFA Convention. The third place district team will have an opportunity to participate in the "play-in" competition held in conjunction with the AgEd Speech Competition in late January. One third place team from the "play-in" event will be selected to participate in the State Parliamentary Procedure CDE.
  6. The first and second place teams in the area of ritual will qualify compete in the State Ritual CDE during the State FFA Convention.
  7. The first and second place teams in the area of Leadership Information Test will qualify to compete in the State Quiz Bowl CDE during the State FFA Convention.


  1. FFA chapters and members must be in "good standing" with the State and National organization in order to be eligible for the State CDE.
  2. There is no limit as to the number of years an individual may participate on both the District and State levels regardless of the placing at either level.