Novice Parliamentary Procedure


The Novice Parliamentary Procedure Competitive Event is designed to introduce 9th grade FFA members to parliamentary procedure and how to conduct efficient meeting.


  • Develop a basic knowledge of parliamentary law.
  • Demonstrate parliamentary procedure to conduct an orderly and efficient meeting
  • Communicate and participate effectively as a team member
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and teamwork for effective decision making

Event Rules:

  • The event is open to two teams from the seven districts in the state. Each team will consist of six (6) members from the same chapter.
  • Team members must be enrolled in the 9th grade at the time of selection and qualification.
  • Team members must be FFA members at the time of selection and qualification.
  • There will be a minimum of two rounds of demonstrations, but team members will only take one written test.
  • The competitive event will consist of the three activities listed below in the following order (minutes are not required):
    1. Written examination
    2. Team demonstration
  • Team members will conduct a regular chapter meeting by demonstrating a designated main motion and four additional permissible parliamentary procedure motions selected by the event superintendent.

Event Format

  • Event Procedures:
  • Materials the student needs to provide: Each participant must bring a minimum of two sharpened No. 2 pencils.
  • The room will be pre-set with a lectern, tables, chairs, and station markers.
  • All participants will be provided paper to take notes during the entire demonstration. Pencils or pens must be provided by the team.
  • Participants will have one-minute immediately before their demonstration to read their card silently and take notes. Team members may not mark or write on the cards and may not confer or signal each other during the one-minute time period or during the demonstration.
  • Every participant will receive a card (see the sample below) with the main motion and the five required motions from the list of permissible motions. No other motions may be used. However, a Point of Order may be used if it is not listed on the motion card. Points will not be awarded if it is not on the motion card, and an Appeal may not be made on the President’s ruling. Included in the four required motions, will be a minimum of one debatable subsidiary motion.
    • Main Motion:

      I move that our chapter conduct a fruit & meat sale as a fundraiser this year.

    • Required Motions:
    Commit or ReferSubsidiary
    Postpone IndefinitelySubsidiary
    Point of OrderIncidental
    Division of the AssemblyIncidental
    Raise a Questin of PrivilegePrivileged
  • If the privileged motion Recess is adopted, members must stay at their officer stations and may not talk or signal each other.
  • Five of the six participants on the floor will be assigned a required motion. The items will be marked in bold print and underlined on their cards to indicate the motion assigned.
  • The demonstration will not be over 10 minutes (no penalty is assessed until after 10 minutes and 30) seconds.
  • The timekeeper will signal the team with large cards at the elapsed times of 7 and 9 minutes.
  • Judges will ask one oral question (which may contain 1-2 parts) per participant. The participant will need to answer the question as an individual with no help from team mates. Questions will be pre-determined by the event superintendent and will relate to all the permissible motions.
  • Main Motion: There is no pre-determined list of main motions. Main motions are determined annually by the event superintendent and must be developed for any of the three divisions of the Chapter Program of Activities, which includes Student Development, Chapter Development, and Community Development.
  • Official dress is highly recommended.
  • The order of business will begin at the conclusion point of opening ceremonies (ceremonies are not presented). The ACTUAL demonstration will begin with the consideration of new business (other items normally on the order of business are not to be considered). A member on the floor will gain recognition and state the main motion on the card without suspending the rules. The motion to adjourn is not allowed.
  • Written Test:
  • The thirty minute test will consist of 20 multiple-choice questions covering:

  • The 10 permissible motions
  • Order of business
  • Awards:
  • The first through fourth place teams will each be awarded a plaque.
  • Members of the first place teams will each receive a medal.
  • References:
  • National Official FFA Manual
  • National FFA Student Handbook
  • Dunbar’s Manual of Parliamentary Procedure Test Questions
  • Parliamentary Procedure Oral Questions (Basic) (CD)
  • Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (11th edition)
  • Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised in Brief (11th edition) (Optional) *
  • *All references (except #6) are available on-line through the National FFA Organization’s Core Catalog,